Air Conditioning Repairs

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Always on standby

When your HVAC unit is not running correctly – or is simply not functional what so ever, Athena Air is on standby to complete your HVAC repairs. Athena Air are a leading provider of commercial HVAC repair in the following areas.

  • Essex
  • Greater London
  • Kent
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Suffolk
  • Hertfordshire

From keeping small businesses comfortable in the middle of summer and winter, to repairing commercial HVAC systems that are needed to keep the business doors open, our service department is dedicated to providing you with quick, affordable and dependable HVAC repairs.

Every member of the Athena Air team has the expertise and experience to repair your HVAC system quickly – and always at a fair price. We streamline this process for busy business owners and commercial customers by providing easy and affordable HVAC service contracts. Regardless of the problem you’re experiencing, our team has a solution that is tailor-fit for you.

Our HVAC Repairs Include

Complete HVAC Repairs

  • Commercial HVAC Repairs
  • Residential HVAC Repairs
  • Small Business HVAC Repairs
  • Hospital HVAC Repairs
  • School HVAC Repairs
  • …and much more

Save Money with a HVAC Service Contract

Whether you are in a retail store or office building, it still has its challenges when dealing with emergency HVAC repairs. Not knowing which company to call or what the cost would be is extremely frustrating & could take days or even weeks until a reputable HVAC company comes out to make the repair. This is why Athena Air offers affordable HVAC service contracts where not only do we perform maintenance periodically on your HVAC system, but you get FREE service calls when your system does break down.

When should you call for HVAC repair?

At Athena Air, we can repair any problems your HVAC system may have, including:

Low refrigerant – HVAC system refrigerant is installed in a closed loop, so if you have low refrigerant it either means your system was not properly charged at installation or you have a leak. An experienced technician from Athena Air will fix the leak, test the repair job, and then charge the HVAC system with the correct amount of refrigerant to ensure optimal performance.

Poor maintenance – Just like any other mechanical device, an HVAC system needs to have routine maintenance to run efficiently. However, if left unchecked, things like clogged filters and dirty coils will prevent the HVAC unit from working properly and will likely cause your compressor or fans to fail prematurely.

Electric control failure – HVAC systems are also electrical systems that contain sensitive electronic controls that need to be maintained properly. Over a period of time, wires and terminals may suffer from corrosion, which may cause you to require HVAC system repair.

If you suspect that your HVAC equipment is not preforming as it should call Athena Air today

Why call Athena Air for HVAC Repair?

Athena Air are dedicated to providing dependable and affordable HVAC repair services.

1. Our employees are commercial HVAC service repair experts. Each one of our technicians have years of experience in all aspects of HVAC operation. We ensure consistency and accuracy with all repairs by placing a focus on frequent training of all employees. All of our service & project managers, as well as our customer service representatives, are experts in their area and are able to help you throughout the entire process.

2. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work. From the way we insulate our duct-work to the running of the copper refrigeration pipe. We spend as much time as is required to insure that our jobs are done correctly.

3. Transparent and Clear Communication is our Standard. Our goal is to keep you a customer for life. We are 100% transparent in all of our communication. We take pride in our honesty and the integrity in which we conduct business on a daily basis.

Please call today to discuss your repair requirements.