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Total Solution

In the old days, office environments typically consisted of people working on typewriters at their desks. Now, you won’t see an office anywhere that doesn’t have a computer in it. Whether it is a one-room office or a giant warehouse-type office with dozens of cubicles, there will be computers everywhere.

As great as computers are for increasing productivity and efficiency in the workplace, they also generate a lot of heat. After all, they are electronic devices which consume a lot of power. In fact, computers have fans inside of them just to keep the motherboard and processor from overheating. When you have so many computers in one environment, the heat can build up quickly in the room. If you don’t have an adequate cooling system to combat the heat, then it will make everyone there feel uncomfortable.

All businesses need a perfect working environment to be successful. If your employees can work in a cooled environment, they will feel comfortable enough to continue working for a long time. Athena Air is the one company that can make this happen for your office environment. We implement a “total solution” approach to office air conditioning that can help to create a climate for success.

Athena Air can offer a variety of HVAC systems and units for your office building. Whether you need heating, cooling, ventilation, and/or air curtains at the entrances, we can provide customised HVAC solutions that will accommodate these areas and make all the employees in them feel comfortable. We won’t rest until we create ideal working conditions for everyone in your organisation.

As for those who care about the environment, you will be happy to know that Athena Air has developed its HVAC systems to minimise energy use and carbon emissions. We believe that power conservation is important when using a HVAC system. After all, businesses spend most of their utility money on powering their HVAC system. Since it will likely be operating 24/7, you need a system which is made to consume less energy than a traditional system. This may not eliminate all carbon emissions, but it is a step towards operating an environmentally responsible business.

Below are the top ways in which we help protect the environment:

  • It is common for businesses to waste heat because they don’t have a proper ventilation system to keep the heat in there. As a result, their HVAC system will be forced to generate more heat, which means more energy is consumed. Athena Air can prevent this from happening in your business because we can install heat-recovery ventilation systems. This will circulate the heat throughout your environment without having to generate more heat.
  • Installation of the HVAC system in your office will not be a problem. We can make the system fit into the existing fabric, so there is no need for any modifications or reconstruction. This will mean reduced installation costs and disruption of your work environment.
  • Our HVAC systems will give you more efficiency because you will have amazing features like system scheduling, intelligent controls, and remote monitoring.
  • By using current technology, heat recovery variable refrigerant flow systems can offer heating and cooling to your office space whilst maintaining low running costs.