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Why you should have an HVAC inspection

It is easy to take your HVAC system for granted. But you need to remember that this is a huge system which needs to be inspected and maintained regularly. Otherwise, the system may stop working [...]

Smart Air Conditioners in 2019

Smart air conditioners seem to be the next big smart technology trend of 2019. Homeowners already have access to a wide range of “internet of things” technologies for their homes, such as smart surveillance cameras, [...]

How much does ducted air conditioning cost?

Air conditioning systems come in all different shapes and sizes. There are split air conditioning systems, twin split systems with two indoor units and one outdoor unit as well as floor standing, wall mounted and [...]

Large Commercial Air Handler Units

Have you ever wondered how an air conditioning system is able to circulate air in and out of a room? Well, it relies on a device called an air handling unit to bring air into [...]


What are those weird sounds coming from my HVAC unit? There are three types of sounds that might come from your HVAC unit; rattling, hissing, and clanking. A rattling sound means that you might have [...]