Hotels & Restaurant Air Conditioning

Hotels & Restaurant Air Conditioning 2018-11-10T06:02:34+00:00

Perfect all round

Air Conditioning Systems for hotels, restaurants and other catering facilities have to fulfil a large number of various requirements. On the one hand, lobbies, eating areas, bars, and meeting rooms are open to all guests, which is why it is necessary to achieve microclimatic conditions that suit everybody. On the other hand, hotel rooms and suites require option of individual temperature control. On top of this the air conditioning system is expected to be simple, soundless, energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

While in commercial kitchens the ventilation system is expected to provide efficient removal of odours and fumes generated in the course of food preparation.

Regardless of diversity of requirements, Athena Air has complete HVAC solutions to be used in hotels, restaurants and other catering facilities. Advanced technology combined with many years of experience in air conditioning, Heating and ventilating these type of buildings guarantees successful execution of your project.