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Perfect All Round

When you own a hotel or restaurant, there are a variety of requirements you must abide by to create a certain level of comfort for your guests. Hotels and restaurants are two types of business establishments where you’re servicing customers on a more personal level. Maintaining comfort inside a hotel and restaurant is a must. If you don’t have a comfortable temperature, then you’ll risk losing potential and former customers.

Hotels are where guests stay for lodging purposes, so their rooms need to be comfortable enough for sleeping and relaxing. In more luxurious hotels, guests may need to use a conference room for business purposes. Obviously, they cannot conduct business in a room that is uncomfortable.

You must consider this: Why would guests want to pay for a room that is hot and uncomfortable? If guests aren’t aware of this, they will soon find out after stepping into their room. Therefore, it is incredibly important to ensure that there is a comfortable temperature and environment for the guests.

Air conditioning in restaurants is just as crucial. People go to restaurants to eat at tables or drink at bars. No one wants to eat or drink in a humid or hot environment. As a restaurant owner, you’ll want your guests to feel comfortable enough to stay for the main course and possibly even dessert. A fully functional commercial HVAC system is the only way to make that happen.  

Air conditioning systems for hotels, restaurants and other catering facilities must fulfil many different requirements. On the one hand, lobbies, eating areas, bars, and meeting rooms are open to all guests, which is why it is necessary to achieve micro-climatic conditions that are suitable for everybody. On the other hand, hotel rooms and suites require that you give guests the option for individual temperature control. On top of that, the air conditioning system is expected to be simple, soundless, energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

In the commercial kitchens of restaurants, the ventilation system is expected to efficiently and quickly remove all the odours and fumes that are generated in the course of food preparation. The last thing you would want is for these smelly fumes to make their way into the guest area where people are eating. While the smell of delicious food might be common in a restaurant, the smoke and fumes generated from cooking in the kitchen must be redirected out of the facility. Only a quality ventilation system can accomplish this task.

Despite all these different requirements, Athena Air has complete HVAC solutions which can be used in hotels, restaurants and other catering facilities. Between our advanced HVAC system technology and the many years of experience that our professionals have in the air conditioning industry, we are confident that we will install a suitable HVAC system in just about any restaurant or hotel imaginable.

Athena Air offers installation, repair, and maintenance services for all restaurants and hotels that have a HVAC system or are looking to purchase one. To get your free quote today, use the message form on this page or give us a call using the phone number on the bottom of the page.