Hospital Air Conditioning

Hospital Air Conditioning 2019-07-19T10:04:41+01:00

The one place where it is extremely important to have air conditioning is in hospitals. Doctors and nurses work long hours and need to remain comfortable on the job to perform better. With all the stress they’re under, it wouldn’t be good for anyone if they started sweating on their patients. Right?

Patients must be comfortable in hospitals too. Air conditioning can affect their overall well-being as they’re sitting in a waiting room or examination room. This doesn’t just mean cooling the environment for the patients, but also allowing them to breathe clean filtered air as well. It is critical that the conditions of a hospital environment don’t further contribute to a patient’s health problem. If this were to happen, then the hospital could face major liability over it.

If you own or manage a hospital, pharmacy, private medical practice, or dental practice, then you need to invest in a commercial quality air conditioning system. Athena Air is a certified air conditioning contractor that can install, repair, or maintain a commercial air conditioning system in your hospital facility. We can make sure that every room in your facility is well ventilated with cool air for your patients and workers. This includes the lobby, waiting room, hallways, offices, examination rooms, and surgical rooms.

Energy efficiency is also a speciality of ours. With the increasing cost of electricity, an energy efficient air conditioning system can save you a lot of money in the coming years. Our air conditioners have saved hospitals thousands of pounds in electrical costs every year and remember, energy efficiency means fewer carbon emissions. This is good for the health of the environment.

As for hospital facilities that already have air conditioners, are you maintaining them? There are certain maintenance procedures that can be done to existing air conditioners to make them more energy efficient. You must get maintenance done at least once per year to keep your air conditioner working smoothly. At a hospital, it would be a very bad situation to have a malfunctioning air conditioner because then it makes doctors, nurses, and patients uncomfortable. This would be a formula for disaster.

Therefore, schedule your air conditioning installation or maintenance with Athena Air today!