Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps 2019-04-11T08:11:29+01:00

The United Kingdom government has passed a law recently which requires new homes to be built with heat pumps instead of the traditional gas boiler systems. The purpose of this decision is to reduce the number of carbon emissions coming from homes due to their outdated heating systems. Meanwhile, it helps shift society away from its dependency on coal and gas as its main energy sources.

Heat pumps are highly innovative devices which don’t use any fuel. Instead, they use the outside air as their main source of heat. The system operates like a typical air to air heatpump ( air conditioning system) however, instead of heating the air in your room, it heats the water in your central heating system. The temperature outside doesn’t even need to be that hot either. In fact, it could be -15°C outside and the heat pump can still pull heat from it.   

Ongoing maintenance of this type of system is more cost effective than traditional gas boiler servicing. You can just sit back and watch as your heat pumps warm the temperature in your home and the water in your heating and hot water circuit.

To benefit the most from a heat pump, your new home must have great insulation. Most new homes do, but you’ll want to double check and make sure that yours does. Since the heating is gradual, it could take longer if you don’t have suitable insulation around your doors and windows. But if you do, then the heat will gradually pick up until it reaches a comfortable temperature for everyone in the home.

Just be aware that heat pumps are not totally independent from basic electrical utilities, they do use more electricity than a conventional system but are far more energy efficient. Plus, the heat pumps are producing renewable heat which is not dependent on gas. Therefore, your fuel bills will be drastically lower now when you move into a new home with a heat pump installed.