Commercial Cold Rooms

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Commercial cold rooms are essential for any commercial business which needs a refrigerator or freezer that is the size of a room. This gives you the ability to walk into the cold room and store food items in there, as opposed to just stacking them on the shelves inside of a small freezer box.

Commercial cold rooms are designed with strong insulation to ensure cold air does not escape and warm air does not enter. Not only does this prevent your food from spoiling, but it saves you money on electricity too. You can choose how big or how small you want your cold room to be. It all depends on what your specific needs are for your business.

Let’s look at some examples of ways you can use a cold room:


Virtually all supermarkets require cold rooms if they sell meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy, and any other perishable food items. They use these cold rooms to store the food temporarily before they put it out for sale.

Restaurant Kitchen

Restaurants all have kitchens that customers never see. These kitchens have both an active cooking area for the chef and at least one cold room to store food ingredients in. You can’t have a restaurant without a cold room.


Butchers are in the business of cutting, processing and selling meat. All their meat needs to be frozen or refrigerated to prevent it from going rotten. Butchers would not survive in business without having their meat inventory stashed away in a cold room.

Get a Customised Cold Room

Athena Air custom builds each cold room to satisfy the requirements of our customers. If you have a commercial business that needs a specific type of cold room, then please discuss your requirements with one of our customer service representatives. We can offer you freezer rooms, chill rooms, outdoor cold rooms, or whatever other types of cold rooms you need.

Cold rooms can be set up on almost any commercial property, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. The specific nature of your business structure will decide which cold room is right for you. If you’re not sure about which cold room you need, our experts can evaluate your commercial area and provide their best recommendation.

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