Commercial Boiler Service in Essex

Commercial Boiler Service in Essex 2019-07-19T15:06:48+01:00

The boiler is responsible for generating heat for your business property and supplying you with hot water. It is important that the boiler stays functional, as if it is not running, this can have an impact on your business operations. To ensure its long-term functionality, you need to have regular maintenance checks performed on the boiler, otherwise, the boiler may malfunction unexpectedly at some point when you need it the most. Don’t wait for that to happen. Get regular servicing for it right away.

Boiler maintenance services are recommended to get done at least once per year. When the service engineer inspects the boiler, they will do a full-service inspection of its combustion chamber, burner, injectors, ignition devices, electrodes, seals, gaskets and heat exchangers. If any of these components appear to be dirty or dusty, the service person will clean them. It is important that debris like this is removed from these components or else they could fail to do their job properly.

The functionality of the boiler itself will also be tested. This involves both testing the hot water and the heating in the structure. When testing the hot water, we’ll pay attention to how long it takes for the water to turn hot and what its actual temperature is when it’s at its hottest. This will tell us a lot about how well the boiler is working to provide you with adequate hot water. If the water is not as hot as it should be, we’ll check the gas connections and other components to trace where the problem is.

Next, we will test the heating as well as your heating controls. We want to make sure you have maximum energy efficiency from your boiler. In some cases, your heating may be lacking because of insufficient insulation. If it appears like your boiler is working fine but your heating is not doing a good job, then we’ll see determine where your insulation problem is located. From there, we will work to fix the problem and restore your heating again.

And, of course, we perform boiler installation and replacement services. These are obviously much bigger services, so we’ll examine your property first and determine the best course of action to take with those. You’ll receive a free price estimate from our installation technician before any work is performed. That way, there are no surprise bills or expenses that you need to worry about.

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