Air Conditioning Advice

Air Conditioning Tips to Help You Breathe Easy

Air conditioning not only cools you off, but it helps you breathe better too. Extreme heat and humidity outdoors can make it very difficult for you to breathe, especially if you’re indoors without air conditioning. That is why air conditioning is literally a lifesaver to so many people who live in tropical climates. If [...]

Air Conditioning “Increases Productivity” In The Workplace

According to several scientific studies, productivity in the workplace is negatively affected when there are higher humidity and temperatures in it. This makes sense because nobody feels comfortable working in a hot room. Not only does it make you feel sleepy, but it impairs your judgment and concentration as well. The solution to this [...]

Why You Should Sleep With A/C On

People love to stay cool and comfortable inside their homes by running an internal air conditioner throughout their waking hours. It doesn’t matter if they’re cooking, cleaning, or watching television. However, when it comes to sleeping, people tend to turn off their air conditioning units before going to bed. Why is that? Since people are [...]

Why You Should Choose Athena Air

Does your home currently have an air conditioning system? If so, do you need to have it repaired or replaced? Whenever you need an air conditioning system repaired, replaced, or installed, choose a company with an established reputation in this industry. Athena Air is a team of air conditioning professionals with decades of experience. We [...]

How To Cool Down Your Home and The Problem With Opening Windows

When you’re feeling hot in your home, what is your initial reaction? For most people, they’ll head straight to the nearest window and open it up so that fresh air can blow inside. But is this really a good idea? You may live in a densely populated area and there is a lot of [...]

FAQs For Domestic Installations

It is common for people to have a lot of questions about domestic air conditioning system installations. Below are the most frequently asked questions and the answers to their questions. Do you offer your installation services to any location in London? Yes, Athena Air can perform your internal air conditioning installation no matter where [...]

Top Things To Consider Before Installing Air Conditioning

London flats can get quite hot and humid throughout the year. If the ventilation in your flat is less than satisfactory, then you’re probably considering the idea of getting an air conditioner. This is a good idea overall because it’ll make you more comfortable in your flat. However, there are some considerations that you [...]

Large Commercial Air Handler Units

Have you ever wondered how an air conditioning system is able to circulate air in and out of a room? Well, it relies on a device called an air handling unit to bring air into the system and allow conditioned air to flow out of the system. There are different sizes to these air [...]

Fire Compliance Ventilation in Commercial Buildings

When you build or purchase a building for commercial purposes in the United Kingdom, you need to make sure that its ventilation system is fire compliant. The name of this legislation is the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations of 1997. Under this requirement, an official fire safety risk assessment must be performed on the ventilation [...]