Air Conditioning & Installation Specialists in London

Air Conditioning & Installation Specialists in London 2018-11-20T09:13:12+00:00

If you need air conditioning in London for a domestic or commercial property, use Athena Air and our ‘total solution’ approach. We specialise in providing both domestic properties and commercial premises with the perfect climatic conditions all year round.

So, from office heating and cooling to ventilation and air curtains, Athena Air can deliver tailor-made HVAC products that meet your unique wants and needs. We also strive to minimise energy use and carbon emissions to help you save money and the environment.

Installing, repairing, and maintaining air conditioning in London

Athena Air uses an in-house team to design, supply, and install all of our HVAC packages. As a result, our staff can guarantee a high standard of service with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Each installation also benefits from a site-specific method statement as well as a works schedule for you to approve.

Should your HVAC unit suffer from any problems, you can rely on Athena Air to carry out repairs because:

  • We only employ commercial HVAC service repair experts – All of our technicians have years of experience for the very best accuracy and consistency with repairs
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our work – Our staff spend as much time is required to ensure that projects are executed correctly
  • We aim to provide transparent and clear communication – Athena Air conducts business with the utmost honesty and integrity

With a service contract from Athena Air, we can also maintain your HVAC unit to ensure:

  • Fewer breakdowns – Did you know that over 40 per cent of air conditioning breakdowns are due to a lack of maintenance?
  • Lower energy bills – We can change filters and clean coils to make your air conditioning run more efficiently, thus using less energy to help you save money.
  • Maintain warranty – You might not be able to complete a warranty claim if problems occur because of little to no maintenance.

Why the need for air conditioning in London?

In spite of the Great British weather, London still experiences warm temperatures during the summer. This is largely because its large built-up area creates a microclimate, where the city buildings store heat.

July is the capital’s hottest month with an average temperature of 19°C, but during the European Heat Wave of 2003, Kew Gardens recorded a temperature of 38.1 °C, the highest that Londoners has ever witnessed.

At Athena Air, we offer a service that is second to none. Whether you have commercial or domestic air conditioning needs, give us a call on 01206 581026 to see what we can offer you.