Ventilation in London and Essex

Athena Air have successfully designed and installed all types of ventilation systems across many different sectors, from air handling units installed in the Houses of Parliament to medical grade ventilation in hospitals. We have a dedicated ventilation design team to ensure all systems that we install provide the most energy efficient and effective solution currently available.

Athena Air benefit from dedicated design and management staff, including 3D CAD systems and draughtsman.

Whether you require a small domestic MVHR system or a commercial kitchen extract system, contact us today for a free consultation.

Benefits Of Having A Good Ventilation System

Choosing Athena Air for installing a good ventilation system comes with other benefits as well. Let’s take a look at a few of them below.

With the help of a good ventilation system, clean and fresh air from outside can be warmed providing fresh air to the inside of the building.

Regardless of whether you acquire an AC or any other heating appliance, they can consume a lot of electricity which would lead to higher electricity charges. But, when you ventilate your home or office with a good ventilation system, your utilisation of electricity would consequently decrease as our products are highly energy efficient.

Protection from pests and fungus is another huge benefit provided by a good ventilation system. Humidity can be eradicated by a ventilation system making it difficult for fungus to grow inside. Also, an effective ventilation system can help to prevent pests and other little insects from getting inside.

As we all know, London is a busy city and the streets are always crowded and noisy. Also, if you are residing or have an office in London or Essex, having a noisy neighbourhood can trouble you a lot! But you do not have to worry anymore! If you have an effective ventilation system installed, you will be able to reduce most of the noise pollution by closing the windows and not even having to worry about fresh air.

Although the UK is a relatively moderately temperate country, summers in Essex can turn out to be pretty hot! But, with a proper ventilation system installed, the place will be able to provide cool air during the summer as it will not let the cool air of the AC escape and will also provide heat during winter by holding on to the heat.

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