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Just over 600 years ago, Chelmsford became the capital of the UK, albeit for a few days, but since then, it has grown to become a city that has many strong characteristics and features. It has the second smallest cathedral and the beautiful Hylands Park, which is used to host the V Festival since 1996.

At Athena Air, we aim to bring the very best air conditioning services in Essex to homeowners and business owners. Air Conditioning has grown in popularity as more and more installations are being completed, not just in the area of Chelmsford but across the whole country.

We have developed a service that encompasses everything that our clients expect and more. Our ability to offer this service is simply because we have listened and learned from our client’s feedback throughout the years.

We are proud of our reputation and we are proud of the many satisfied clients we have worked with because customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. To grow and improve our service, we are constantly evolving and looking for new ways of working which allows us to offer more than our competitors. This means our service improves year on year and our clients receive a more refined service in every possible way.

We set our standards high and this means we can match exactly what our clients expect from us. Experience has taught us to adapt to changes and the requirements of our clients and that is what we do each and every day.

For those who are looking for air conditioning in Chelmsford, we cover the domestic and commercial sector, which means we have experience of working in a number of different environments. However, we treat every job the same, regardless of its size and regardless of whether it is in a home, factory or office. Air conditioning delivers the perfect environment and it comes with the benefit of reduced costs and reduced humidity as well as many other advantages.

Our aim is to continue to develop our service so that we can offer more than our competitors and so far, we believe that we have succeeded.

We are known for our air conditioning installation service, but there is another important aspect of our service that covers maintenance and servicing of air conditioning systems. We can look after systems for our clients on a regular basis to ensure that any problems are dealt with, while also actively looking for potential issues that could arise in the future. This will help to stave off costly replacements as well as any unexpected failures.

Our team has been carefully assembled to ensure that we have a workforce of individuals who are highly skilled and believe in what we want to achieve as a business. Our standards are high and that is shown in the work we carry out and this is what sets us apart from the rest.

Using the most up-to-date installation methods and the best technology means that our clients benefit in every way. We work hard to keep our clients satisfied and that means we have to work harder than our competitors in order to offer more. From start to finish, we work closely with clients to ensure that we are getting everything right and we communicate with them at every stage of the installation process. If our clients are given the right information, then they can make the right decisions and that is important for all involved.

To find out what Athena Air has to offer and how our air conditioning service can benefit your home or workplace, why not give us a call on 01206 729 289.

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