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While many of us will have a solution in place to deal with the colder months, others may find it more of a struggle during the summer. However, it’s important that a comfortable temperature is attained at all times.

Although many will simply open windows or have access to fans, these are only mildly effective in comparison to the benefits that many air conditioning solutions can offer.

Whether you’re looking for a solution for one room, or a uniformed solution through the property, you can be confident that Athena Air will be able to provide a solution that fits your exact requirements.

Air Conditioning for Businesses

While it’s important to ensure that we’re comfortable at home, it’s also important to ensure working conditions are comfortable for employees. In fact, it is now a legal requirement. Under the terms of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, businesses need to ensure that they are offering fresh or purified air into the work place, as well as ensuring the room temperature is kept at a comfortable level.

While there is no set temperature, it is advised that businesses keep a temperature of around 16°F, unless physical activity is required, where a temperature of 13°F is sufficient.

As such, many businesses are keen to find a solution that caters to their specific needs. Athena Air is a seasoned professional in the air conditioning sector, and is able to offer help and advice as to which solution suits your requirements, while taking your budget into account.

Experts in Air Conditioning Servicing

There will be many homeowners and businesses who may already have a solution in place, but haven’t had it serviced in some time. Having a defective air condition unit can be just as detrimental as not having one at all.

How often you have your air conditioning serviced can vary due to a number of different factors. There are steps you can take yourself to ensure it is running in the right way, such as the changing of filters and checking for rust and corrosion. However, dirt can accumulate and if not serviced for some time, can lead to the unit becoming defective and not running as it should, thus causing problems for the home or business.

Businesses and homes within the Essex area can ensure that their air conditioning solution is always running as it should be employing the services of Athena Air. Not only does it have a good reputation in providing a number of quality air conditioning solution, it is also able to ensure that your air conditioning is serviced at a time that suits you. Having a reliable servicing plan in place ensures that your premises remain at a comfortable temperature, as well as ensuring that there are no unexpected defects that can cause you money in repairs.

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