Fire Compliant Ventilation in Essex and London

Athena Air can provide a free survey to ensure your ventilation system is compliant. Further to this we can provide a contract to ensure your systems are regularly checked inline with BESA guidance below.

“Normal use of the ventilation system gathers an accumulation of contamination on the fire damper and its operational parts. This must be removed, and the fire damper tested regularly to ensure that it operates as designed.”

Maintenance of fire and smoke dampers from the Building & Engineering Association (BESA)

If your building has a ventilation system over 30 years old there is a good chance it is not fire compliant. Contact us today to discuss our services.

About Fire Compliant Ventilation

Ventilation is a simple concept to understand, but what is fire compliant ventilation? The air ducts in your ventilation system are often covered with waste that travels through the air. Because of this excessive debris combined with the heat that is consumed, the ventilation becomes vulnerable to catching fire.

This can be a huge risk to the safety of the people working in the building. Therefore, fire compliant ventilation is a special ventilation system for areas which are of a particular high risk.

Why You Need Fire Compliant Ventilation in Essex and London by Athena Air

Apart from the obvious reason of safety many people are hesitant in installing a fire compliant ventilation system. If you’re a resident of Essex and London, you must be aware that the law requires you to have it. Before your building is open to the public, you should hire a professional to confirm that your ventilation is fire compliant.

In 1997, Fire Precautions Regulations mandated workplaces in Essex and London to have fire compliant ventilation. This included performing a risk assessment for fire safety on the ventilation systems. In case of any failures, the ventilation system must be corrected. In 2005, the rule was reformed through the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order. This simply eliminated the requirement of a fire safety certificate. However, all commercial buildings in London and Essex are still required to have fire compliant ventilation and perform risk assessments. This is still mandatory by law and in case of non-compliance, you will be subject to litigation.

About Athena Air – Fire Compliant Ventilation in Essex and London

With specialised staff, we can provide the installation of long-term fire compliant ventilation in Essex and London. We have a variety of speciality and quality equipment that is used to install the ventilation systems in your building.

Athena Air can be the solution to your legal and safety problems with fire compliant ventilation. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity where price and quality are never an issue. Call now to find out more.

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