Commercial Air Conditioning in London and Essex

At Athena Air, our specialist installation team deals with the supply and installation of a broad range of equipment which can range from small single unit domestic or commercial systems, through to a multi-VRF system consisting of many units. We are also able to design and install bespoke ventilation packages, whether it be home heat recovery ventilation systems or large commercial air handlers.

It has always been our aim to maintain a high level of control during every installation and therefore we carry out all our own installations without the use of sub-contractors. This has been an important contributing factor to our customers continuously returning for their air conditioning, heating, and ventilation requirements.

Site-specific Method

Installations start at the planning stage and where possible, we try to have as much input as possible with clients, architects, consulting engineers and design teams. Every installation will have a site-specific method statement prepared and to follow a visit from a member of our design and installation management team. Once this is done, a works schedule will be prepared and with the agreement of the client, the installation shall proceed with our onsite engineers and contract management staff.

Professional & Conscientious

During the course of the installation, Athena Air do our utmost to ensure that the equipment being installed is done so in a professional and conscientious manner. All work will be scheduled to cause the minimum amount of disruption to the workings of the building. Wherever any interruption of services is unavoidable, such work shall be carried out at a time agreeable to the client. When the installation is complete, it will be commissioned and certified with operation and maintenance (O+M) manuals being issued soon after.

Qualified Staff

Our installation teams are well-equipped with all relevant tools, equipment and industry knowledge required for an efficient and effective installation.

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