Air conditioning not only cools you off, but it helps you breathe better too. Extreme heat and humidity outdoors can make it very difficult for you to breathe, especially if you’re indoors without air conditioning. That is why air conditioning is literally a lifesaver to so many people who live in tropical climates.

If you’re thinking about purchasing an air conditioner for the first time, then you should learn more about how it benefits your breathing. Here are some ways in which air conditioning helps you breathe better.

1) Air Conditioning Keeps You Healthy

There are so many microscopic particles floating around in the air outside, including pollen, stale, and allergens. These particles can affect your respiratory system and make it harder for you to breathe because you’ll be unable to take in air. But if you’re breathing the air of a high-quality air conditioning system, it’ll filter out all those nasty particles. Then you’ll be breathing only clean air.

2) Air Conditioning Serves Your Body Well

Whenever you’re exposed to extremely hot temperatures, your body’s health is put at risk. Your metabolism could end up burning more calories than normal. Most obviously, you’ll dehydrate due to excessive sweating. But the temperature cannot be too cold either because your body will struggle more to sustain its normal blood temperature. This consumes a lot of energy in your body when internal temperature regulation takes place.

It is much better to have an air conditioner which lets you set the ideal temperature that is not too cold and not too hot. Plus, it’s easier to breathe when the temperature is just right.

3) Air Conditioning Puts You in Your Comfort Zone

Air conditioning is more than a luxury. It produces temperatures which create your ideal comfort zone environment. If you’re someone who prefers cooler temperatures, then you can set a cooler temperature that you like. But if you’d rather have warmer temperatures, then you don’t need to turn the air conditioner on as high. It is all under your control.

As your body stays in its comfort zone, it’ll have less stress and better functionality. You can breathe better, think faster, and feel more relaxed.