People love to stay cool and comfortable inside their homes by running an internal air conditioner throughout their waking hours. It doesn’t matter if they’re cooking, cleaning, or watching television. However, when it comes to sleeping, people tend to turn off their air conditioning units before going to bed. Why is that?

Since people are not moving while they’re asleep, they worry about their body temperature decreasing throughout the night and also, some people will want to reduce their monthly electricity bill by consuming less energy.

Despite all this, it is still better to sleep with the air conditioning on. Your body cannot handle constant changes in temperature during the night, especially if the temperature gets warmer. You will toss and turn endlessly while never getting any sleep. Once that happens, you’ll wake up the next day feeling tired and groggy.

An air conditioner can maintain a comfortable, consistent temperature in your bedroom as you sleep. Just set the thermostat to about 20°C and let the air conditioner do the rest. Your body won’t have to adjust to any changing temperatures because it will always be 20°C in your bedroom. The best part is that you won’t feel compelled to toss and turn either.

If you’re worried about energy efficiency and saving money on your electricity bill, there are ways you can receive the best of both worlds. The keyword here is insulation. Make sure your home is equipped with high-quality insulation that will prevent cold air from seeping through cracks in your doorway or windowsill and of course, never open the windows.

By doing this, your internal air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard because the cool air that it produces will stay trapped in your home. Plus, if there is any humidity in the environment, the air conditioner will get rid of it. Moisture does not exist for very long in comfortable environments. That also means there is a less chance of mould forming on your ceiling, walls, or flooring.