Does your home currently have an air conditioning system? If so, do you need to have it repaired or replaced? Whenever you need an air conditioning system repaired, replaced, or installed, choose a company with an established reputation in this industry.

Athena Air is a team of air conditioning professionals with decades of experience. We are highly trained and certified to install, repair, and maintain all kinds of HVAC units. It doesn’t matter if you need work done on a commercial or residential HVAC unit for an office, flat, house, or any other building. We have the knowledge, tools, equipment and resources to provide air conditioning services quickly and efficiently.

Speaking of equipment, Athena Air uses A+++ Energy Rated Equipment for all HVAC unit installations. If you’re like many customers, then you’re always looking for ways to save money on your energy bill each month. Athena Air offers energy-efficient HVAC units that will automatically save you money just by using them. The installation technicians can recommend additional strategies for saving money on energy, such as insulation tips and temperature settings. 

Air conditioning services often require a big investment for a lot of people. Based on what you need, they will give you a price quote on their services.

The best part is that all purchases come with a 3 to 7-year extended warranty. This ensures that your big investment will pay off. If your HVAC unit stops functioning through no fault of your own, Athena Air will send its technicians back to your property and repair the unit under warranty.

Therefore, you have no risk at all by purchasing an HVAC unit or having an existing unit repaired. Anyone interested in getting started can just fill out the Quick Quote form on the bottom of Athena Air’s website. A response will be made within 24 hours. We also have finance offers available, speak to our team today to find out more information.