Of all the investments a business could make to improve the working environment, air conditioning might not immediately spring to mind. After all, the Great British weather is unpredictable at best and doesn’t typically deliver many humid days each year.

However, this doesn’t mean to say that air conditioning is a waste of money. Far from it in fact, as businesses that do have air conditioning in their office or workspace continue to reap a number of far-reaching rewards.

Here to explain the benefits of air conditioning for business is Athena Air. Get in touch today to discuss your business’s air conditioning requirements.

  1. Temperature control

The biggest benefit of air conditioning is that it can maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature all-year round. Although most people think air conditioning is only advantageous in the summer, they can also warm the air during the wintertime too. This will enable employees to keep on working regardless of the outside temperature.

  1. Air quality

The office environment is a breeding ground for coughs and colds, which can increase employee absenteeism and affect productivity levels. Thankfully, air conditioning units feature filters that purify the air and reduce the number of bacteria, dust particles, odours, and potential allergens.

  1. Energy efficient

There is no need to worry about the cost of air conditioning or even the carbon footprint it leaves behind, as the vast majority of modern systems are incredibly energy efficient. In tough economic conditions where budgets are increasing stretched, this will come as welcome news to several organisations.

  1. Silent operation

From office spaces to retail environments and even busy factories where communication is key, the silent operation of air conditioning won’t have an impact on daily operations. Even when air conditioning must work hard to keep the temperature regulated, you won’t even know its there.

  1. Protect equipment

Modern workplaces feature technology and equipment that generates a lot of heat, which can only often work within certain tolerances. But the clever design of air conditioning can remove any heat or humidity and disperse the energy elsewhere, which ensures critical technology and equipment remains protected.

  1. Improve productivity

A recent survey found that 29 per cent of workers spend between 10-30 minutes each day not working due to an uncomfortable office temperature. Therefore, you could significantly boost productivity with air conditioning. Research suggests that a temperature of 21-23 degrees Celsius is best for maximising office worker productivity.