Just like your car or boiler, HVAC units also need regular upkeep and servicing. Even though several people will ignore this duty of care and carry on regardless, it really is in your best interests to maintain a HVAC system.

The reasons why are also the same as with your car or boiler. You can make sure it continues to operate correctly for longer, reduce the likelihood of impromptu breakdowns, and end-up saving money in the long run.

However, there are also additional advantages you can enjoy with a HVAC maintenance plan. Here is a closer look at why HVAC maintenance makes perfect sense, especially if you have a service contract in place too.

Extend the lifespan of your equipment

Although the quality and lifespan of HVAC units differ, you can typically expect anywhere between 15-20 years of good service from your system. However, take regular maintenance away from the equation and you could be looking at half that or even less in some cases. Getting rid of dirt, dust, and grime will reduce the possibility of early burnouts or failure, thus increasing longevity.

Increase energy efficiency

According to Whole Building Design Guide, a program of the National Institute of Building Sciences, the use of high performance HVAC equipment can deliver considerable energy emission savings of between 10-40 per cent. Unfortunately, this energy efficiency cannot be maintained without regularly upkeep.

Reduce the possibility of repairs

Despite the fact that maintenance cannot eliminate impromptu breakdowns completely, it can identify potential problems before they get worse and cause further damage. After all, prevention ahead of time is always better than coming up with a cure when you have got no other option available.

Better air quality

Air conditioning provides any home or business with a much more comfortable environment, which in turn can increase happiness and improve well-being. Having said that, dirty coils or blower parts can raise health-related concerns including pollen, fungi, and bacteria build-up. Seeing as you won’t want to breathe in these things on a daily basis, regular maintenance is a thoroughly good idea from an air quality perspective too.

Maintain your warranty

Should you suffer from a breakdown or failure and your HVAC unit is under warranty, you have got nothing to worry about, right? Wrong! There is a strong chance that warranty claims won’t be accepted if you have failed in your duty to regularly maintain the system. Thankfully, you can protect your investment by employing the services of a professional for regular maintenance.

Save time, effort, and money

Enter into a HVAC maintenance plan and you will undoubtedly save yourself a great deal of time, effort, and money. Think about it, your system breakdowns and you have got no idea who to call or how much the repair will cost. This can be an extremely frustrating endeavour and possibly take days or even weeks to rectify. But with a service contract from a HVAC specialist, such as Athena Air, this worst-case scenario won’t come to fruition.